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Using GTD time management method to arrange daily work and life

I am fast learner, self motivated, fun and loving person. Moreover, I can speak Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Fukien and Filipino language. I also have 9 years of call center experience. self-confident, honest,good communication skills and team leadship, willing to work under great pressure.
Familiar with ERP system with Scala, Mapics, JDE, MFG/PRO and AS400 query.Strong SW project management skill and rich experience.(2 year nokia sw Project manager) Strong SW developer background. (5+ years of working experience in C/C++) •Rich experience on phone field. •Familiars with Nokia SW and product development process and tools. •Very good communication and organize skills. good at planning and push. •I can handle high pressure and challenge work very ell , fast-learner and work harder.Make A Bridal Shower Card •Good network during Nokia program and other teams. I am a hard working man and quick learner. Tips for Wearing Pearls Also I have good english skill and team work spirit. I got much experience on IT technology from my job in the past two years. Intresting in IT technology is the most motivation that push me into IT industry. hard working
interested in everything
in cooperation with other members
skilled in cell culture, bacteria culture, and so on.
having two-year experience of working in lab
working as a visitor for a month in Chinese Academy of SciencesHas many years of on-site front-line work experience, rigorous thinking, working from anxiety. This cheerful, optimistic, willing to accept a challenging task, with strong communication and coordination, http://forum.werdandi.deproject management have a deeper understanding.Over two years financial analysis exprience in a world leading online company, PayPal Inc. About two years of account managment exprience of Hongkong top merchant. Military WeddingPass CFA Level I exam in Jun 2010Choose A Wedding Cake .Skills and Strengths
Using GTD time management method to arrange daily work and life. Mind mapping skill is applying to learning and reading. Desire to learn and grow. With a pen mind to accpet and learn new ideas and knowledge.

Excellent communication skills

Excellent communication skills, be able to communicate with people from all ages and level and work well as part of a team as well as on my own. Able to priorities and can work under pressure. Always keen to learn new skills, good time management skills, and pleasant personality Real like basketball has even
be a team member of class in high school
 Good at ping pang, badminton and swimming, usually go to the gym Willing to help people all the time With these interests, it shows I am sociality, not only in working, but also, in the daily lifeI have nearly 7 years in finance managemt. I am a honest young man with wining spirit. I have the capacity in learning and creating capacity. And I konw how to cope with changes and pressure.I worked as an seller above overseas customers for nearly two years,and I have held a particular interest in english since I was an student in University. but I should use the tools of computer well.with my knowledge in english ,word exprience ,patience and passion ,I believe I am capable of doing these kind of jobs. Strong customer service and people skill Excellent market researcher and evaluator of competition
 Experienced and capable of working in a diverse work force Detail oriented, flexible and adaptable
 Successful working with people from multiple cultures Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPointa , Stronger EE design apability with wireless module, Save on Your Wedding-Part and portable products (PND,DPF, Tablet);b, Lead team to handle worldwide Top 2 PC account wireless product EE desugb;
c, Well experienced Perfect Wedding Dresses with ARM 9/11 cortex A8/A9/A11 SOC and plan out a new product line;
d, Good at English Reading/Writing/Listening/Speaking, Join design with international company to complete and demonstrate new products and technology;
Skills and Strengths
a, Enjoy work, Enjoy life;b, Strong hardware design capability with Wlan, BT, Wimax_mobile, UWB,Some Ideas To Personalize Your Wedding and handheld consumer products (DPF, MID); Choose A Wedding Florist
c, Lead team to handle worldwide Top 2 PC account wireless product;
d, Well experienced with New technology/projects learning and design out new product line;
e, R&D working SOP(standard operation procedure) setup. Routine affaires management;
f, Good at English Reading/Writing/Listening/Speaking, Work with international company to design and demonstrate new products and technology;

hit triage & follow-up

Medicinal Chemistry: SAR analysis, data mining, hit triage & follow-up, hit-to-lead & lead optimization, molecular modeling, in silico ADMET property prediction, library design, structure- and ligand-based analog design
Organic Chemistry: organic synthesis (singleton/ parallel, solution/solid phase), chemo-enzymatic synthesis, bioconjugation, reaction assessment (LC/MS, GC/MS, gel electrophoresis), compound purification (normal-phased & reversed-phased HPLC) and characterization (1D/2D-NMR, X-ray crystallography)Biochemistry: Protein over-expression/purification/modification/characterization (PCR, SEC, ion exchange, HIC, affinity chromatography, SDS-PAGE), assay development (spectrophotometric assays, radioactive assays, HPLC assays), protein-ligand interaction (UV, fluorescence, EPR, NMR), enzyme kinetics & mechanism (steady-state kinetics, pre-steady-state kinetics, pH-dependence studies, kinetic isotope effects), enzyme inhibition (inhibition patterns, reversibility, dependence, tight binding)
Computer skills: Pfizer internal software packages (for data mining, compound analysis, molecular visualization and docking, virtual library design, lead transformation, etc.), MetaSite, Spartan, Spotfire, ISIS Base, Accord and ISIS for Excel, ACD/Labs, SciFinder, CrossFire, Prous IntegrityMaster of Veterinary Pathology
12 years' working experiences in a large state-owned public company
3 years animal vaccines' production management and quality control management experiences
4 years technical service experiences
5 years export business experiences
Skills and Strengths
1.12 years' working experiences in animal healthcare field
2. Animal vaccines' production management experience
3. Quality control management experience
4. Technical service experience
5. Export business experience

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I have good communication skills in English

I am an active, diligent, serious and confident professional lady. Have about 5 years working experience in Top Fortune 500 MNC, have in charged a lot of marketing campaigns, participated in hundreds service contracts and projects execution 6 years sorcing experience;4 years R&D work and 2 years of ISO system work;chi hair straightener
I have good communication skills in English;
I am self-motivated, pro-active and have the ability to work alone or as part of a team;
I have the ability to work under pressure, multi-task and prioritize my work,can communicate with people at all levels,be able to learn new ideas very quickly and gain respect from both management and colleagues. I take all work given to me with great seriousness. I am straight forward, open mind, hair straightenershonest and proactivecheap wedding gownsAnd they help me to handle difficult situation freely. cheap prom dressesFurthermore, these kind of experience help me to chi flat ironbuild up my knowledge base and face coming challenges with more confidenceThe relentless pursuit of perfectionPoetry in motion锟斤拷dancing close to meCome to where the flavor is

Where there is a will there is a way

I am a honest and hard-working man. I can adapt to new environment quickly because I get alone well with others and beach wedding dressesI am full of passion and enthusiasm to do my work. Due to my experience in College Student Union and my first work I have had some skill on communication which is the key point of teamwork. I have believed one famous sentence--”Where there is a will there is a way”.cheap wedding dresses
Career Objective:casual wedding dresses
After graduating from university I worked for Wuxi China Resources Microelectronics Co., Ltd.I engage in production management-related software development, database management, maintaining the company network and PC.I can develop software and software required for the database architecture and cope with network communication problems independently. So I would like to engage in computer-related work, other work can also be OK. I am a open and bright, steadily man, have the vigor.I treat people warmly and Sincere. I like to work responsiblely and Positive initiative.I canwedding dresses bear hardships and stand hard work, likes challenging myselfcheap evening dresses.I Have the strong organizing faculty, actual beginning ability and the association team spirit.I can rapid adaptation each kind of environment, and fuses in which.
the past is black and white
the future is always color
Just do it

Friday, May 14, 2010


“He has a great competitive spirit. vaguely familiar to youHe not only wants his team to win but he wants to dominate and prove that he’s the best at least for that night.” — Billy Cunningham“When you see LeBron run down the court, seemingly out of nowhere, to block an opponent’s shot, you see his will to win right there.fill in the blanks He’ll do whatever it takes. He’ll put his body on the line.” — Bernard King“The closer the game is, the more he wants to dominate.” — John Havlicek“It’s a mindset to want to dominate. He imposes his will on a ballgame.” — Bernard KingBeauty is Meaningless
“He’s got a tremendous ego, which is obvious but I think you have to have. You look at Bird, Magic, Kobe, MJ, they all do.a world in a grain of sand You have to have this ego where you want to be the best.” —Dolph Schayes“Detroit, Playoffs, 2007. Forty eight points, scored his team’s last 25. Enough said.” —Hold infinity Rick Barry“He dominates every time he steps on the basketball court. He’s just so far ahead of everyone else, physically and his jumping ability. He may not win every time but he dominates.” — Scottie Pippen“All great players want to dominate. It’s in their blood. All great players want to be the guy to put that team on his shoulders and take them to the next level. He’s willing to take that step to take his team to the next level. LeBron is a force. To have great athletic ability and to be a great basketball.” — Dominique Wilkins“You see LeBron taking over more. He wants the top guy in the fourth quarter. He wants the ball. He’s going to attack.”“In the Will to Dominate, sometimes you have to incorporate everyone else and sometimes that can hurt you, too.” — Kevin McHale


If you’re going to be a great player,Just have a little faith you have to thrive on pressure and I think he does. That’s what you dream of. There’s no fear of failure. He wants that responsibility. You have to relish the last minute or two of a basketball game.” — Billy Cunningham“LeBron welcomes the pressure. He welcomes the situation when he can dominate a game when it counts the most. He takes it upon himself toput all this behind us carry the team himself.” — Bernard King“It doesn’t seem to bother him because he’s used to taking the big shot and actually wants to take the last shot, which is a sign of a great competitor.” — John Havlicek“He’s demonstrated that he’s been able to do that. He’sWhat do you want from the future?
made key plays at the end of the game, made shots at the end. He isn’t afraid to take shots at the end of the game and that’s important. the first time in my lifeSome players get into those situations and they don’t want the ball. LeBron wants it.“His teammates want him to want it because they have confidence in hima plan to make all of this right and they trust him.” — Jerry Lucas
“I think he loves pressure but he also wants to control pressure by wanting to be the go-to guy.” — Dolph Schayes“There is no pressure for great players such as LeBron. Pressure doesn’t exist. Pressure only exists when you don’t have confidence in your ability to do what it is asked of you to do in critical situations.“I never felt pressure when I played basketball because I had confidence in my ability to do what I had to do. There is no real pressure.” — Rick Barry“At this point in his career, I think he’s dealt with pressure as good as anybody that plays the game today. When you have the love of the game, it brings out a different type of player. A guy will do anything to sacrifice himself for his team. He does that.” — Dominique Wilkins“Absolutely, he’s a pressure player, big time. This game is not about perfection. Perfection is not to be had out there. He has shown on the big stage that he is a pressure player.” — Julius Erving“I think he understands that he’s not going to make every shot, which you got to take them. If you miss a good shot at the end of the game, well, that’s the way it goes. At first I think he was thinking that he had to be perfect and put a lot of pressure on himself in making them.“I think he’s evolving into, ‘Hey, I’m going to get a good shot, I have a lot of confidence that it’s going to go in.’The thing about him is that he’ll make the play at the end of the game, too. He’ll drive in there andake the pass as well as the shot. He’s understanding that he even though he initiates the play, it doesn’t mean he has to score. He’s a great at just starting the play and let whatever happens, happens.” — Kevin McHale“He’s a floor general on the basketball court, both on the offensive and defensive side of the court. He’s able to do a lot of helping, roaming. A real good team defender.” — Scottie Pippen